Compact powerful speakers from Fenda – A530U

Any brand leaves a mark, impression in the mind of the consumer if there is consistency in quality and innovation which takes care of consumer needs and demands. For everyday use items, consumers may not have reservations to switch from their favorite brand to some other brand; but for big ticket items such as automobiles, electronics the switch may not be easy.

Electronics, automobiles are some of the purchases which are done after a considerable thought, and the pros and cons of the item, brand are properly evaluated. Any purchase made in haste, without careful consideration may not serve the purpose and loss of money as well. Our modern lifestyle has made us dependent on many thingfenda a530us, in a way that conveniences which were luxuries at one time have become necessities. The use of automobiles has become a necessity, to save time and increase efficiency in other activities.

The advancement in technology has brought a revolution in the use of electronics in the form of handheld devices, or computers, laptops, cameras and other multimedia devices. This advancement has brought a stir in many areas in our life, one of them being sound technology. Advancement in sound technology has taken audio content of any form to another level of experience. The audio which we have now, is in digital form which is easy to manage between devices and has much more sound clarity than traditional forms.

One contributor to the growing popularity of audio content is speaker system with cutting edge technology. The difference in sound quality in the speakers which were used two decades ago, and the speakers which are available today have substantial difference. The speaker system that are available today, have integrated electronic circuits which allows receiving and sending of sound signals in fraction of seconds. This transfer of signal at the spur of seconds causes minimum distortion of sound and action carried out in the least possible time.

In its endeavor to bring out products, best suited for consumer needs Fenda has come up with a product in the 2.1 series speaker system. The A530U speaker system in this series delivers 5000W PMPO is rightly made for those who are looking for clear, powerful sound with two speakers in a compact design.

The performance of the product is complemented with its nice design, and the choice of a range of devices such as USB/SD card, MP3 player, PC and other multimedia devices to listen to audio content from the convenience of using from the couch, gaming zone or any other place.

The choice of material and design is aptly made for those looking for the heavy duty look. The subwoofer has 6.5 inch full range driver and the satellite speakers have 3.5 inch full range drivers to deliver sound of high performance. The look of the product is further enhanced from the heavy duty metal grill and the glossy touch on the front panel. Knowing all this description, the system may sound to be robust, powerful but actually it exudes only elegance courtesy its wooden cabinets. The bass and wood factor complement each other well, the bass delivers clear powerful sound while the wooden cabinet reduces distortion considerably.

Keeping trend with most of the products from Fenda, the A530U speaker system allows smooth connectivity to the device of your choice such as MP3, PC, TV, CD and DVD players. The speaker system also has built-in digital FM player which can store 100 FM stations with advanced PLL technology. The console of the product takes care of multiple purposes for multiple settings and moods.

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