The Best Home Theatre System

Movie theatres, in this day and age, are become more and more out of fashion as the new trend of home theatre system rises. With the boom in technology, people are able to engage in the same movie theatre experience sitting at home. While the visual image is usually what people pay attention to, it would be dire to leave out the auditory experience of a system. The speakers you use matters incredibly to the whole experience. Audio companies are specializing in bringing to life the movie with surround sound speakers, which make the viewer (or in this case, the listener) part of the movie.


F&D is one such company specializing in a wide range of speakers from iPod docking stations to best computer speakers to surround systems. It is known as one of the forerunners of the audio industry in India. It has one the DIGIT Award for the Best Performance and the CHIP Award for the Best Performance in 2011.
The F680, which is a 2.1 multimedia speakers, is one of the greatest 2.1 speakers available. It is also the perfect option for those who want to save energy while enjoying their music as it has a built in Audio Voltage Regulator. It is one of the most user friendly products and the design of which is the best suited for serious listeners. It has a wooden cabinet that helps reduce the distortion of sound. The 2.25-inch full range driver for satellite speaker and a 6.5 inch bass driver for the sub-woofer are designed to produce greater, clearer sound. It is known as one of the best 2.1 multimedia speakers in India.

For those with small apartments, who still want an incredible audio experience, the F&D D1061 is a great option. The speakers are a mere 240mm in height and yet are powerful enough to fill the entire room. It holds the capacity of generating 3500W PMPO, 5.1 Channel Configuration, 4 inch bass driver and a 2.5 inch full range driver for satellite so the sound produced is magnificent, despite the small design of the speakers. They can be connected to DVD players, televisions, and computers as well as MP3 players so one system itself suffices for a whole range of devices.

Another option in the smaller range of speakers is the F&D A111f. It produces 3000W of sound, which is a powerful range for such a small speaker. It’s major advantage however is the fact that it has an SD card reader as well as USB connectivity (along with the usual connections) which functions well for most people who don’t own TVs or even large home theatre systems and want to listen to music in their spare time. The height is a mere 210mm, but the power of this must not be underestimated. The smaller version of this is the A110, which doesn’t come with a remote control but still is capable of producing sound of the same great intensity from their 2.1 Channel speakers. This comes with a wooden cabinet which reduces the distortion so as to produce purer sound.

The F&D speakers are the finest in design and in technology. They have received rapturous reviews and have placed themselves as the finest speakers in India. They can be bought at a number of outlets including sites like Flipkart and Snapdeal. They are a great investment for anyone eager to engage in such a profound experience of sound.

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